Osaka shika center

I want to say "A denture is alive". When I've completed a denture, it has not be finished yet. Then the denture is breathed new life from that time. Technically it means the denture will be functional in your body.

When you continue to use your denture, the fit of the denture deteriorates little by little. Because the gums and mucosa in your mouth are constantly changing and the denture will be worn due to your body changing. It's natural that the fit of the dentures deteriorates when you use your denture everyday. So your body and your denture are slightly changing day by day.

I want you to continue to use only one denture.
Dentures will continue to fit comfortably if the dentures are regularly adjusted and repaired.
Therefor the denture is united with your body.

Why do I explain "the denture" like those above-mentioned?
Because I produce dentures one by one in real earnest. It's like "a fight with real swords".

I definitely think there is no same denture as yours. We have different faces each other. Also the condition of your mouth is different from other's. The teeth of a denture must be right sized and at right positions.
It's hard to figure out the each right size tooth and the right positions at which I set-up artificial teeth. Recently advanced cases are increasing. So after producing dentures I really feel burned out.
Now I'm going through a hardship to make dentures.

All patients who come to see my clinic can use dentures I produce.
I really want to take care of all dentures I made during your lifetime.
As long as I'm alive and can produce dentures, the dentures with regularly adjustment and repair will continue to live long.